• What is Self-Publishing ?

    "Self-Publishing" is a process where you decide to manage the production of your own book. It is a way in which an Authors (especially new writers) can get their story, message or book to a large audience more quickly, more effectively, more lucratively with less expense & with greater control than via traditional publishing routes.

    Why do you prefer to publish with Green Leaf Publication ?

    1. You get professionalism and honesty
    2. You join hands with a company that delivers on its commitments
    3. Your inputs and ideas are given importance at every step of publishing
    4. You will be joining hands with a company that is an expert at converting your manuscripts into a world-class book.
    5. You will be provided with the widest online distribution to help your book reach the reader and you can access your sales 24x7.
    6. You earn 100% net profit from the sale of your book!
    7. We give you more and quality publishing at lower cost.
    8. We believe that in your success lies our success.

  • How to Self-Publish your book with us?

    Following are the important points to consider before Self-Publishing your book with us :-
    1. It is important that you use our most advanced Cost Estimator Calculator before taking any step towards Self-Publishing. Using our Calculator, you can understand the cost associated with printing your book. Also you get a transparent idea with the cost involved at each process of book publishing.
    2. Book title covers can be multi-colored and book inner pages will be printed using black ink.
    3. Complete proof-reading responsibility lies with the Author.
    4. We accept manuscript in hand-written as well as soft-copy format.

    There are two ways through which you can self-publish a book with us :

    1. Sell by Ownself: This is a traditional self-publishing method. Here you will have to arrange for your own ISBN number and your book will not carry our publishing company logo. Also you will be selling your books by yourself.
    2. Sell via Us: In this way, we purchase 10 copies of your book (at MRP) out of total copies printed. You pay for the cost involved for publishing your first set of order. Here you will also sign a royalty agreement with us. This way you can get our publishing company logo and also our company will arrange for the ISBN. Our company will market your book on our website and will also publish your book in our catalogue. If any sale is generated (after selling our 10 purchased copies) we will further publish your book at our expense and you get the royalty percentage for total books sold.

    Once you are ready for Self-Publishing your book, fill up the form. After receiving your request, our executive will contact you and guide you through the further process of self-publishing your book with us.

    Please Note:

    1. Under this process, we will publish books only when any demand is created. Else you can place your second or further orders for printing your book and in that case only printing charges will be charged from you for total copies ordered (No charges of composing or title design will be further demanded)

    2. (Please note that after analyzing your manuscript we hold the right to accept or reject your sell via us request)
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